Brave Rewards – 3 Ways to Earn (and Spend) Basic Attention Token

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As a content creator you can not only get paid to browse the web using the Brave browser, you can also receive tips in the form of a crypto currency called BAT. Below is a screenshot of my YouTube channel where I have a verified “Brave creators” account that allows visitors to tip me in Brave rewards.

On average I’m getting tipped 15-100 BAT a month in addition to earning 1-4 BAT just from browsing the web. The value of this fluctuates so in general I sell my BAT and move it into Bitcoin or a stablecoin.

In this guide I’m going to break down how to setup a Brave creators account as well as a Gemini account in order to receive payments.

What is the basic attention token (BAT)?

BAT is Brave’s native cryptocurrency. By simply opting in to view advertisements, you are able to make money as a Brave browser user in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token). Users earn it by choosing to see anonymous, privacy-preserving advertising.

The Brave browser, unlike Chrome and Firefox, does not contain any intrusive advertising. BATs are earned in this manner and are kept in the browsers wallet before being transferred to an exchange account on Gemini at the end of the month. Once deposited into your Gemini account BAT can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, put into the lend program to earn interest or sold for cash.

What is the Brave browser?

Brave is based on the Chromium framework like many other browsers. It supports comparable add-ons and is simple to download for both Windows and Mac. Linux users can also install Brave, but it is a little more complicated. For mobile devices, users can also download Brave directly from the Google Play Store or the App store on IOS.

However the mobile version does not support BAT payments at this time so unfortunately you can’t earn BAT on mobile. However, you get all the additional benefits of using the Brave brower.

Why use the Brave browser?

Brave has quite a few compelling reasons to consider using:

3 Ways to Earn Basic Attention Token

Let’s now get into how to earn BAT. I’ll cover everything you need to know to get started earning BAT, how to spend that BAT and all the little details you need to know to have success.

1) Brave Rewards for content creators

If you’re a blogger, YouTuber, Twitch streamer and so forth you may join the Brave Rewards Program. Visitors to your blog, YouTube channel or podcast can send BAT tips directly using the Brave browser by clicking on the “send tip” button.

Your followers can easily and immediately make a donation and establish a monthly routine to contribute to your site or channel. This is a wonderful benefit because you’re allowing your audience to support you in a creative way instead of simply relying on PayPal or Patreon.

To get started you’ll first need to signup as a Brave Creator:

Once you enter your email be sent a one time-log in link via the email address you entered. With Brave Creators their are no passwords. Each time you want to log in you’ll need to submit your email to receive a log-in link.

Add a content channel for Brave Creators:

Once you log into your account all you need to do is select the channel you want to add to your Brave Creators account:

After you select the channel you’re publishing content on you’ll be required to log in as a way to verify ownership. Once added correctly, visitors to your blog, YouTube channel, Twitch channel and so forth will see that you’re a “verified creator” in the Brave browser.

Link Brave to Gemini

Gemini is a crypto currency exchange where you can buy and sell over 60+ digital assets (read my best crypto exchanges to learn more). In order to actually get paid in BAT you must setup an account with the Gemini exchange.

Creating an account with Gemini is easy, simply go through the account creation process. Once your account is setup and approved, navigate back to the Brave reward settings and click on the box to link your Gemini account to your Brave browser:

It’s really that simple. Once you click on the this “link rewards” box your BAT will be deposited into your Gemini account. You will need to periodically verify this connection every month. But don’t worry, rewards don’t expire until after 90 days.


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2) Earn BAT by enabling ads

Turn on Brave Ads after downloading the Brave browser. You may start earning BAT by watching advertisements and surfing the web. Open the Brave browser on your computer and click the triangle in the top-right corner of the screen to open up the settings and rewards page.

Next, turn on Brave Rewards and Ads. Once on you can select the gear icon to choose how many ads to see per hour. The more ads you allow, the more BAT you will earn.

You can choose between one and ten ads per hour. You’ll also get push notification advertising depending on your ad preferences. You may also pick a state for ad targeting if you like.

Last, in order to actually get paid you will need to setup a Gemini account as I previously covered.

3) Use the Brave referral program

Brave used to offer a referral program but has since stopped new signups. However if you were able to get into the referral program you are able to earn a small amount of BAT simply by sharing your referral link.

Do I earn Brave tokens just for downloading Brave?

No. Brave used to offer $5 worth of BAT as a way to get new users but have since suspended this promotion. If you’re from select countries you can download Brave, enable ads and get paid in BAT. There currently is no promotion where you get $5 worth of BAT simply because you downloaded and use the browser for 30 days.

I can’t signup to Gemini, what are my options?

If you’re unable to open a Gemini account then your only other option is to use Uphold. Uphold is a global digital money platform that provides financial services to customers in 184 different countries.

With an Uphold account you’ll need to sign up to Uphold, verify your identity and then link your bank account to withdraw Brave contributions. Uphold also allows you to transfer your BAT to another platform, an Uphold debit card, another Uphold member as well as your bank account.

How to withdraw your BAT

You can keep your Brave rewards in the Brave browser native wallet and send tokens to where ever you like. For example, tipping artists can be completed without converting or withdrawing Brave reward tokens at all. The only thing you can’t do is sell your BAT or swap it for another token. This is why I strongly suggest you use Gemini or Uphold as an alternative.

If you want to withdraw and cash out on your BAT you’ll need an Uphold or Gemini account. Once properly linked you will receive your rewards deposited once a month automatically to your account which you can then swap BAT for Bitcoin or other crypto currencies or sell your BAT outright for the current dollar value.

Earn Basic Attention Token with Brave – Conclusion

Brave is an interesting development for web browsers. It’s privacy focused, blocks intrusive ads as well as tracking. With Brave you can enable ads to be shown and get paid to browse the web and for content creators it allows for you to develop a new revenue stream in the form of tips from your audience.

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