Editorial Standards for DavidUtke.com

Hi everyone, my name is David Utke, and welcome to my professional online business blog. I strive to create helpful, honest, unique content based on experience instead of being from some faceless brand.

As AI tools develop to help people write content (most of it being low quality, that’s just an amalgamation of what’s already published), I want to create establish my editorial standards for DavidUtke.com because it’s essential for me to create content you can actually trust.

I’m the editor of this site

I’m the editor of this website, and all the content goes through me. I don’t use any AI tools to mass-produce blog posts. I write the content myself and do sometimes outsource rough drafts that I then edit and publish myself. All blog posts go through a final edit by me.

My name is on the site, so all blog posts are published on this website again through me, and I’m the one who hits the publish button when a piece of content when is ready to go.

Expert reviews based on experience

All my review content is based on my experience of using whatever product or service I’m creating review content on. I don’t review or recommend products, services, or software solutions I’ve not used. You can check out my YouTube channel, where I create full-length tutorials using all the software I recommend and how best to use it.

In short, any review content is based on actual hands-on experience, and the aspects I like or dislike are what I think.

Product selection

My process for selecting what products, services, or software to review is simple. If it’s useful or interesting that could help you build an online business, I’ll spend my money, test it out, and see if it’s effective.

Then I’ll create review content explaining the good and bad things I experienced and any relevant tutorials that people could find helpful.

I also focus on software, products, and services that people want to get organic search traffic to my website.

Impartial analysis

I’m impartial in my analysis. I don’t change the rankings of products because a company offers me money to bump them up; I don’t only promote products with an affiliate program. Any content where I recommend something, it’s because it is the solution I think is best.

I also strive to list the pros and cons of any software, service, or product to help you make a purchase decision.

Content is updated regularly

I update content on this site regularly and as needed to maintain accuracy. I regularly revisit content to ensure everything is up to date and that the blog posts have the most recent and correct information.

Quality assurance

Before being published by me, each article undergoes a rigorous editorial process for grammar, spelling, informational accuracy, clarity, and ease of use to provide an outstanding user experience.

To conclude

At DavidUtke.com, I know how difficult it is to find accurate information that’s honest, well-written, accurate, and up-to-date. I am to be your trusted source when it comes to making purchase decisions for your online business.