Is GoPro Good for Vlogging?

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The GoPro has finally become an excellent vlogging camera and is one of my top choice for anyone who wants to create vlogs on YouTube. With its essential features like ability to shoot in 4k with a high framerate, durability, and portability. GoPro is now my top choice for vloggers who want a dedicated vlogging camera. So is GoPro good for vlogging? Yes, with some caveats.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about vlogging with a GoPro and the Quik app. I’ll also share creative content ideas to make your GoPro vlogs stand out. Plus, I’ll introduce you to popular creators who built large audiences by using this action camera. Let’s get to it.

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An excellent action camera for vlogging. 4k quality video, good audio and a wide array of accessories.

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Why I like vlogging with a GoPro

Action cameras have come a long way and are now able to shoot high quality video similar to a larger more complicated setup. As such, if you’re looking for a camera use in public, it’s much easier and more fun to use a GoPro.

Not only will you actually take the camera with you and get the shot, it has all the essential features you need for vlogging:

The GoPro is made for creators who do stuff and live life and don’t want to get bogged down by larger, more bulkier setups that can be quite impractical in certain environments.

Multiple field of views, including wide angle and linear.

As someone who actually creates casual travel vlogs, there is nothing more annoying than using a camera with a tight field of view on your face. Vloggers like the ability to shoot in both a wide angle as well as a medium shot. Wide angle for talking into the camera and medium shots to set the scene.

The GoPro has always excelled in this use case and continues to get better with their linear view setting which removes that fish eye, “GoPro look.” But what’s great about the GoPro is that you can easily change your field of view and have a bunch of different custom settings.

This is surprisingly useful because you can easily switch between say the super wide setting at a high frame rate to linear for narration shots.

Ability to shoot in 4k with a high frame rate

A GoPro Hero action camera can now shoot up to 5k video at 60FPS, making them an excellent choice for vlogging. A high frame rate for a vlog is important because it just looks better than 24 FPS or 30 FPS.

24 FPS to 30 FPS is great for studio recording with a proper camera where you’re sitting in place but not so much for vlogs where you’re moving around with the camera.

Previously it used to be a trade off of either 1080P and 60 FPS or 4k 30 FPS. Now with technology advancing as it is, you can shoot in 4k to 5k with a GoPro at 60 FPS. So your video is smooth and realistic, almost like the viewer is with you there.

Last, let’s not forget about slow motion. The GoPro can record at 120 FPS at 4k or 240 FPS at 1080P. When you record in these high frame rates you’re then able to slow down the footage in post.

Image stabilization and horizon lock

Stable camera footage is a must for vlogs. You want your video to be a manageable mess. Most cameras today now come with some stabilization. It’s either mechanical or software-based.

The GoPro uses software stabilization called “hyper smooth” that allows you to capture shake-free footage effortlessly. You can also access an “auto boost” mode, where you’ll experience exceptional stabilization performance while maintaining a wide field of view.

The last helpful feature I like is the “horizon lock” feature. No matter how much your camera jolts, shakes, tilts, or spins a full 360°, the horizon will remain flawlessly locked and level for the entire clip. It’s pretty wild once you see it in action.

Good audio with the media mod microphone

Audio has always been GoPro’s Achilles heel. Because the device is waterproof, audio quality has always suffered. But with the latest Hero, audio has finally improved to an acceptable level for vlogging.

Even better, though, the Media Mod kit includes a directional microphone for the GoPro, which offers improved audio. It also has a shoe mount on top to attach an external mic.

Audio is just as important, if not more important, than video quality, so I’m pretty happy I can finally get quality audio and video natively in a single camera.

Durable and waterproof.

GoPro Hero action cameras are waterproof and durable, ideal for capturing adventurous vlogs in extreme conditions. While a bit overkill for most creators, it is good to know that your camera can survive an accident here and there.

Wide range of accessories

With versatile mounting options, such as attaching them to helmets, bikes, or selfie sticks, content creators can capture unique perspectives that engage their audience while minimizing sound interference.

With their small size and versatile mounting options, GoPro cameras provide vloggers with the ability to capture unique and immersive footage from various perspectives, including ultra-slow motion shots.

It’s no wonder that the durability and portability of GoPro cameras have made them a popular choice among vloggers who prioritize convenience and versatility but don’t want want to sacrifice on video quality.

User-friendly Interface

The GoPro’s interface is designed with vloggers in mind, offering a user-friendly experience that simplifies capturing and adjusting settings. Its intuitive touchscreen display provides quick access to controls and settings, allowing vloggers to navigate effortlessly and focus on their content.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, the simple menu system of GoPro makes it easy to use and customize according to your preferences. From adjusting exposure to changing shooting modes, the user-friendly interface gives you complete control over your footage without any complications.

With GoPro’s user-friendly interface, vloggers can seamlessly capture their vlogs and create high-quality content for their audience.

Frame yourself with the front-facing screen

One new feature introduced with the Hero Black is the front-facing screen to frame yourself easily. With a wide-angle action camera, recording yourself and knowing you’re in the frame is relatively easy.

Yes, you can get accustomed to being unable to see yourself, but now that the GoPro has a front-facing screen to view and frame yourself in real-time as you’re recording, it’s easier than ever to have full creative control over your vlog.

How to Set Up Your GoPro for Vlogging

There are a few key settings I always change on a GoPro.

Set front screen to “actual” screen

Out of the box, the front-facing screen is set to “full screen,” you’ll want to change that to “actual screen” as it better represents what you’re looking at. Leave “beeps” off so your camera does not make any sounds while recording.

Video settings

Under the activity, section is where you can set the video resolution. I like to record in either 5k or 4k and set the frame rate to 60 FPS. This is the best frame rate for walk-and-talk style content.

For the lens setting, I shoot in linear usually. This setting is best if you want a “normal” looking clip, better known as a medium shot. I also like wide to mix up the clips. Wide is also better at showing the entire environment around you.


I keep “raw audio” off because it produces a separate audio file. Leave the wind set to auto, though I suggest getting the media mod for improved audio as it comes with a wind muff.

Utilizing the GoPro App

The GoPro app offers seamless control and monitoring of your camera during vlogging. This app allows you to adjust settings, preview shots, and start or stop recording remotely. Additionally, you can utilize the app’s editing features for trimming, adding effects, and sharing your vlogs directly from your phone. The app also enables live streaming, allowing you to engage with your audience in real time.

In addition, you can take advantage of the app’s wireless, lavalier connectivity to transfer footage to your phone for quick and convenient editing. By using the GoPro app, you can now streamline your workflow to your liking.

Essential Accessories for Your GoPro Vlog Setup

When vlogging with a GoPro, a few essential accessories can enhance your vlogging experience. From handle grips to external microphones, here is what I found very helpful:

Media mod with a directional microphone

The Media Mod is so good it’s surprising it’s an accessory because it vastly improves the performance of your GoPr. Its built-in directional microphone enhances voice audio while minimizing background noise. This is essential for vlogging.

The Media Mod is also durable and weather-resistant; its construction is designed to endure harsh elements.
On top of that, you also get two cold-shoe mounts for seamless attachments of lights, microphones, or LCD screens.

Including a 3.5mm microphone port also allows connecting an external microphone, resulting in improved audio quality. Finally, an HDMI-out port allows you to conveniently connect your device to a monitor or playback your footage.

Volta grip – 3x your batter life.

This is simply the best tripod, grip device for the GoPro I’ve come across and it’s also the most popular choice among YouTubers who vlog with a GoPro. It includes flip-out tripod legs and an extra battery power source to ensure a stable shooting with extended battery life.

Its built-in 4900 mAh battery lets you capture a full day’s worth of activities. Integrating your camera’s standard battery, it triples the typical battery life, ensuring you can vlog without worry your camera will die.

With integrated camera buttons, you can effortlessly control your camera with just one hand. Easily power on and off, start and stop capture, and switch between modes. Enjoy seamless control for a smooth photography experience.

Battery pack and extra batteries

This low-cost battery pack provides you with a charging case and extra batteries. No need to buy expensive GoPro batteries separately. This pack provides you with two extra batteries and a charging case. So now you can charge three batteries at the same time.

What are some negatives of vlogging with a GoPro?

There are only two annoyances I’ve experienced with using a GoPro. It’s an excellent option for YouTube, and it’s nearly perfect for what it does, but here are some problems I experienced with vlogging with a GoPro:


The first is, unfortunately, the reliability of the camera. GoPro, particularly the Hero 9 and earlier, tended to freeze up randomly, requiring you to perform the “GoPro reset,” which required you to take the battery out, put it in, and restart the camera.

The GoPro is well built and difficult to break, but for some reason, it would glitch and have some recording issues. The overall experience has gotten less buggy, but it’s not flawless like other action cameras or when compared to the iPhone.

Battery life

The battery life is pretty average. This is why I highly suggest the volta grip as it extends the battery life of your camera. But if we’re talking native performance of the camera, battery life is average given it’s ability to shoot in 5k at high frame rates.


Is the GoPro good for vlogging? Totally. Popular creators like Max McFarlin, David Bond and Drew Binsky all use GoPro footage in their YouTube videos.

This action camera is the right combination of high quality video, audio, wide field of view with a high frame rate in a convenient, easy to use form factor. Pick yours up today.

GoPro 12

An excellent action camera for vlogging. 4k quality video, good audio and a wide array of accessories.

Buy now on Amazon

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