How To Write a Blog Post with Jasper AI – Step by Step

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Jasper AI, one of the original AI blog post generation tools on the market, was quite the game changer when it came out and has gone through a lot of development. I will break down how best to write a blog post with Jasper AI quickly and easily.

Please note that I suggest using Jasper AI as a writing assistant. That means you use it to help create bits and pieces of your content as needed instead of relying on Jasper AI to do all the writing for you.

It may seem appealing to mass-produce blog posts, but Google and human beings want input, thoughts, and opinions from others. Not some regurgitated amalgamation of what already exists on the internet.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to comprehend, learn, and generate human-like text. It’s a sophisticated language model capable of understanding context, generating nuanced responses, and providing valuable assistance in content creation.

These advanced language models can assist writers in generating high-quality content with speed and accuracy, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their work. Whether drafting emails, writing articles, or creating compelling product descriptions, Jasper AI can efficiently mimic human language and contribute significantly to various writing tasks.

How to write a blog post with Jasper AI – Step by step

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up to Jasper AI and create your account. Currently they offer a 7 day free trial of their software. After you’ll need to pay for a creator or teams plan. I suggest a creator plan for solo content creators.

I also suggest purchasing a monthly plan to start out, see if you actually use the tool. If you do, then I would switch over to a yearly plan as you’ll save more. But if you’re already sure about Jasper then sign up for a yearly plan:

Jasper AI

This is an AI writing tool that helps you to create quality content more quickly. Get started with a free trial.

Here are the steps I’m covering:

One shot blog post

When creating content with Jasper AI you can create content in the following ways:

I personally always start with “new blog post” as a way to create a rough draft template.

You can generate content over and over again until you have an output you find acceptable. I also suggest you tryout different tone of voices and intended audiences for best results.

Once you’re happy with the output, copy and paste the rough draft into a “blank document” to begin editing and expanding on the blog post.

Use Jasper to expand the content

Once you have your article in a blank document you’ll notice that at the end of of paragraph you have selected is an arrow that allows you to “continue writing.” Once you click that arrow, Jasper will continue writing more content and expand the topical idea of the paragraph.

It’s not always perfect, but I do find this helpful for making a more comprehensive blog post because Jasper will often bring up points that were not included in the one shot blog post. This is also useful because it will give you ideas to expand upon as well.

Tell Jasper to write additional content

Once you’ve expanded out the blog post, you’ll then want to use the “tell Jasper what to write” feature to create additional paragraphs that need to be added to your blog post to make it complete.

This is a very open-ended feature and works in the same way as Chat GPT in that it will write about whatever you want.

Do you need a general outline of your blog post for ideas on what to add? Go ahead and ask.

How about an additional paragraph on a concept you know needs to be included? It will create one for you.

What about adding in and answering frequently asked questions? No problem at all.

Write a conclusion paragraph? Sure thing.

This “tell Jasper what to write” feature helps you take your 700-word rough draft and build out an almost ready-to-publish blog post. It works best if you have e-e-a-t (experience, expertise, authority, trust) on your topic so you know what to ask and what needs to be included.

Run through Grammarly

By now you should have a good blog post that is almost ready to go. I’m a paid user of Grammarly and can access their sentence rewrite suggestions.

I suggest you copy and paste your draft article into Grammarly. Yes Japser technically does have a Grammarly integration, but I get the best results from using

Go through the article and make all edits to improve the quality of your article. Once you’re done, you’re ready to copy and past your article into your WordPress dashboard.

Add images

Now it’s time to add in images to your blog post. My rule with images is that I only use them to demonstrate something I’m covering. I never use images for decoration purposes. Even in this blog post you’re reading now, the only images here are to demonstrate to concept being covered.

With Jasper AI, they have now incorporated AI images into their product offering and you can easily generate images based on a text description. You can also set modifiers like the mood, medium, inspiration, style and specific keywords and language.

So, use Jasper AI images to create any images as needed if you have trouble finding images you like from stock image websites.

Final edit

Now, it’s time for a final edit. This last edit is where you review your blog post and make personalized adjustments to the content. Add in sentences, rewrite any paragraphs, throw in examples, personal stories, idioms, bullet points, and anything else you think needs to be added in manually.

You want to make sure your blog post is not only readable but helpful, useful, accurate and customized to answer the specific question your audience has. This final edit is what takes a boring, cookie cutter “AI blog post” and turns it into something written by a human.

What about all the templates?

I normally don’t use this feature that much from Jasper when writing a blog post. It’s useful for niche specific purposes and I do suggest you take note of some of the templates for future use as they are a type of prompt that can work with any language model.

here are quite a few templates that are simply fantastic for writing ad and sales copy; like the “before and after bridge” framework, AIDA framework, email subject lines, writing cold emails, YouTube video descriptions and so forth. .

For the purpose of writing a blog post though, I only ever find myself using the conclusion framework, but even that I tend to favor creating all the content when I’m in the blank document by using the previously mentioned “tell Jasper what to write” text box and telling it to write out a conclusion.

How to write a blog post with Jasper AI – Conclusion

So that wraps up my guide for how to use Jasper AI for creating blog posts quickly and easily. It’s an effective tool that can be used as a writing assistant to get out blog post content quickly. You easily create an outline and build out a blog post framework that you can then fill in with the help of Jasper.

I do however suggest you stick to content you have some sort of knowledge base on as Googler will prioritize in my opinion content that is written by people who know what they’re talking about.

Jasper AI

This is an AI writing tool that helps you to create quality content more quickly. Get started with a free trial.

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