Hey I’m David. I help people turn their knowledge into income.

I’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people start blogs, create websites and build their online stores using my free tutorials on YouTube, in-depth blog posts covering everything you need to know to get started, honest and accurate review content to help you make correct purchase decisions as well as my in-depth paid courses.

I’m also a highly rated UX consultant (1000+ 5 star reviews on Fiverr 🤯). In short, I’m here to help build YOU online. We all have some level of knowledge, interest or skill that we can translate into the online space.

I create the “how to” content to help you start a minimalist online business.

I know it can be difficult finding accurate, honest information about how to build a successful website, blog or online store. So I started Website Creative Pro (my paid course website), my YouTube channel and this website to be a high quality resource you can trust.

Helpful resources, advice and guides

My goal with this website and my YouTube videos is to make user friendly, accurate, up to date content that’s honest. Most online marketing websites today are difficult to use and navigate. They provide dated content, content that’s overly biased and inaccurate or content that is created by an AI (boo, lazy) instead of a subject matter expert.

Instead, I will strive to provide you with everything you need to plan, build, promote and profit from your your knowledge and skill.

Tutorials and software reviews based on *actual* experience

From WordPress to Squarespace, to Shopify or Google Sites, to email list providers and SEO tools. I’ve created tutorials based on actually using the platform in-depth. My software reviews are honest and accurate instead of being from some faceless brand.

All the content here is written by me with help from a small team of writers – no lazy AI content will be found here. My name is on the website so everything goes through me before being published.

How to use this website

This website is part of my minimalist business and is designed to be your resource for everything to do with creating your own online endeavor through building digital assets. It’s organized and structured in the simplest, most effective way possible to help you find what you’re looking for. Let’s get started:

About / Media

David Utke has a broad range of web skills ranging from SEO and paid advertising, to online marketing, video and UX design. He owns and operates two profitable websites and their associated YouTube channels. He also casually travel vlogs as a hobby and lives abroad as a digital nomad, (moving to a new country every 6-12 months).

Starting in 2007 with a corporate career at PWC in Connecticut, David quit his job and went abroad to teach English in Thailand in 2011. He then began learning WordPress, web development and online marketing to become self employed and location independent.

After failing with his first 4 websites, David finally had success in the ESL, teaching abroad niche in 2015. David now runs a successful business to business content marketing company that acquires traffic for SAAS brands by translating technical skills and online marketing in an easy to understand way via his popular YouTube channel and his blog.

Thanks for being here!

Hey! I just wanted to end by saying that I hope you find this blog, my YouTube channel tutorials and all the courses on Website Creative Pro to be helpful and useful.

If you have any questions or comments reach out to me and my team via the contact page.



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