The 10 Best Website Builders for Online Business

David Utke •  Updated: July 5, 2022 •  Business Software

Website builders are excellent, all in one solutions that combine the hosting, design content management and support for one price. They allow beginners who don’t want to deal with the technical aspect of creating a website, to get started online fast and easy.

I’ve create a lot of tutorial videos on all sorts of different website builders so I have an excellent understanding of what use case is best for what type of website builder. In this review, I’ll break down the pros and cons of my top 10 favorites.

What to look for when considering a website builder

First, website builders are tools and you need to consider the type of website you’re building. Are you wanting to create an online resume or an “about me” style website? Maybe a simple free website builder is for you. Want to blog?

Some website builders are better than others for that. What about e-commerce? Their are specific website builders designed just for that.

Ease of Use

Website builders are designed to allow non technical people to create a stunningly beautiful website without needing to hire an expensive web designer or UX professional. This is the main selling point of a website builder.

Unlike WordPress that is a free and open source CMS where you have to get a hosting account and design your website yourself; website builders bundle the hosting, storage and the CMS as a service. One company, one price.

When looking at a website builder, how easy is it to use and how much control do you actually have over the look, feel and design of your website?


Website builders are notoriously bad for on-page SEO but this has changed with the more premium website builders. SEO simply means “search engine optimization” and when you create a website and publish content you want your site to be optimized as best as possible to rank well for search terms.

Depending on the nature of the website you’re creating, this may be critical or non essential. Blogs need good on-page SEO, your online resume website? No so much.


What kind of features do you get with your website builder account? Are you limited in any annoying way? Are the plans and price points fair and reasonable? Depending on what website you want to create, this is essential.

10 Best Website Builders for Blogs, Websites and Stores

Lets get into my list list of the best website builders for online business, blogging, photographers, personal websites and more!

Squarespace – The industry leading website builder

Squarespace is the iPhone of website builders in that it’s an expensive ecosystem of services that just work and integrate well with one another. Premium design, great SEO and an excellent user experience.

Squarespace has the functionality to incorporate blogging, selling digital products as well as e-commerce with ease. With modern design and UX principle in their various website builder templates, Squarespace is the best option if you’re wanting to get started blogging (but don’t want to deal with WordPress and theme design), selling digital products and leveraging email marketing.




The industry leading website builder. Modern design, email marketing, blogging, e-commerce.

Wix – The Feature Rich Business Choice

Wix provides the tools and resources to create a blog, online store, portfolio website or membership website. Modern design templates, feature rich front end editor, good on page SEO with UI design principles incorporate correctly. You can blog, sell digital or physical products, lock content behind a pay wall and leverage email marketing all at one price.

Where Wix differentiates from Squarespace is two fold. First, they offer a 100% free website builder. You can sign up right now and get stared creating a website with Wix for free. The catch is that is will be a subdomain of So if you want your own custom URL, you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

The second aspect of Wix that we like is the unstructured nature of their website builder. Squarespace operates as a bunch of premium templates you can customize, Wix like Google Sites allows you to move on page elements where ever you want and to add additional functionality with their app store. Overall Wix is a powerful suite of content creation tools.




A business focused website builder with drop shop integration with any business plan.

wix logo

Shopify – Ecommerce Website Builder

Shopify is the industry leader in the e-commerce space for a reason. They provide the easiest, most effective solution for individuals or a small team of people who want to get started selling physical goods online.

While there are more feature rich and expensive options like Magento or Big Commerce, those options are complicated and expensive to setup and maintain. This is why Shopify is so popular, it’s perfect for both large and small online business. Best of all, you can sign up for a free trial and design your online store.

One other thing to add is the helpful app store Shopify provides. The Shopify app store has different features you can buy and install on your store. By itself, Shopify comes with everything you need to sell online. But the app store as helpful, optional add-ons to enhance the user experience




The best website builder for creating online stores fast and easily.

shopify logo

Lead Pages – The Best Landing Page Builder

Lead Pages is a website builder focused on creating high converting landing pages. Landing pages are optimized for converting traffic in some way. Typically getting someone to subscribe to your email list or to buy a product.

What’s great about Lead Pages is they have high converting templates you can customize, a/b testing built in, banners, pop-ups and exit intent pop-ups all built in. They also provide high level analytics as well dedicated “thank you” pages where you can offer product upsells.



Google Sites – Best Free Option for Personal Use

Google Sites is an under rated website builder that is perfect for any simple, 5-10 page website. Maybe you want to create an online resume, an “about me” bio website or a website for a club or organization? Google Sites is perfect for those types of simple websites.

Google Sites is free and allows anyone to create a modern looking website with 100% free hosting. You will need to purchase a domain name if you want a custom domain, but otherwise Google Sites is free to use. All you need is a GMail account.



Google Sites

Excellent unstructured website builder for personal use.

google sites logo

See my Google Sites tutorial.

Carrd – The One Page Website Builder

Carrd is a niche specific website builder designed to be used for one page websites. One page as in one page. Not two, not three, one. Carrd is perfect because you can create a website for free where it will be a sub domain of

If you want to have a custom domain you’ll need to upgrade your plan; but compared to Wix and Squarespace, is quite affordable.

With a pro plan you can have three one page websites. You could create an email opt-in form to use in your YouTube video description, create an awesome personal website and last make an Instagram bio link website.




One page website builder for Instagram bios, products, landing pages, sales pages and more.


Format -The Photographer Website Option

Like Carrd, Format is another niche specific website builder specifically designed for photographers. Of course anyone with an online portfolio (like a graphic artist) can use Format. But it has specific features professional photographers love, want and need.

Format is designed to be optimized for image heavy websites and show off your work in a beautiful and creative way with their numerous templates. They also have watermarking of your photos for copyright protection and as well as easy integration with Adobe Lightroom and Capture One.




The website builder for beautiful, effective portfolios.

format logo

GoDaddy – The Easy to Use Option

GoDaddy’s website builder is good but not great. They offer blogging, and e-commerce functionality and make their design process simple and easy, though limiting. Limiting in the sense that their templates have limited customization options when compare to Wix or Squarespace.

This is good and bad. For beginners or for anyone who wants to get a website up fast, having too many design options is not always helpful. GoDaddy does a great job at streamlining the creative process.

With fast hosting and a bunch of helpful services integrated like email marketing, blogging and web hosting – GoDaddy is an affordable option.



GoDaddy Website Builder

A website builder from a popular domain name registrar.

godaddy logo

WordPress – the dot com version

WordPress comes in two forms, a script that you can easily install on any shared hosting account or a website builder. The .org version of WordPress is the official website of the script and the .com version is their website builder offering.

It’s good for personal use, but quite expensive if you want to get the full functionality you can get with a cheap shared hosting account. With your WordPress account you get access to themes you can customize, can set a custom domain and you get support.

If you want to install your own WordPress themes and plugins you’ll need to upgrade to their “business” plan which is quite expensive when compared to getting a Bluehost account and installing



Webflow – The website builder design tool

Webflow is not for novices. If you want something easy, use Squarespace. But if you have a design background, understand page layout, CSS, how to position elements on a web page then take a look at Webflow.

Webflow is designed to be a non-coding option to allow web professionals to quickly develop excellent websites without needing to spend so much time coding. With Webflow you get a blank visual canvas and specific control over the html and CSS of any element you want to add.




Design custom, beautiful, responsive websites with ease. Great for sales pages too!

webflow logo

Best Website Builders Conclusion

There are so many options today, even Namecheap has a website builder. You have a lot of different options. Google Sites is perfect for casual use. Carrd is excellent for an Instagram bio website. Format is your go to choice for a portfolio websites. Then there are the comprehensive all in one solutions like Squarespace, Wix and Bluehost.

For most who want to blog and sell digital products we suggest Squarespace or Wix. They have the right mix of price point, clean modern design with UX principles as well as an integration of useful services like blogging, selling products and email marketing.

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