The 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Blogging & Writing

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A paraphrasing tool is incredibly helpful for any blogger or content marketing business because it can help speed up your content output with regards to blog posts, sales copy, YouTube video descriptions and more. While a paraphrasing tool will never be a replacement for a talented writer, it does make things easier.

It allows you to write and re-write sentences that are typically long and complex into something more simple and easy to understand.

A paraphrasing tool can help you write blog posts faster

To blog like a brand means to hire writers to create content. You can’t do everything yourself (you can in the beginning) long term as you simply don’t have enough time and energy to compete against a team of writers.

So a paraphrasing tool is a good stop gap until you’re ready to hire a professional writer to help you create helpful blog posts.

How do paraphrasing tools work exactly?

The best paraphrasing tools work by rewriting and restructuring your sentences in a more meaningful, unique way. The worst tools are nothing more than content spinners that simply switch out a few verbs or adjectives. But now with the development of AI you can use a paraphrasing tool to create content a lot faster.

So what are some of the best paraphrasing tools for bloggers currently available? In this review, we’re going to look at all options both free and paid as well as their pros and cons.

For our test, we will be using the following paragraph in each paraphrasing tool:

Self describe nerd turned entrepreneur and professional blogger Steve Kamb, founder of Nerd Fitness, is best known for promoting health and wellness in a creative and appealing way to create change for his rag-tag group of misfits.

Conversion AI – The best paraphrasing and writing assistant tool for bloggers

Conversion AI is not only a paraphrasing tool, it’s a full scale AI writing assistant that can help you generate content by expanding on sentences, rewriting sentences, creating intro and outro paragraphs at the click of a button and by using a variety of built in frameworks like their long form assistant, the AIDA framework for sales copy.

I’ve tried a lot of content spinners and paraphrasing tools, so I was shocked by how effective Conversion AI is for helping you to create blog posts. With their built in “content improver” you can rewrite the sentence but in addition to that you can set the tone of voice.

Conversion AI is not free and has a fairly expensive monthly membership cost, but for what it does it’s much more cost effective than hiring a writer for $50-100 USD an article and well worth the price of entry if you’re going to be using it aggressively to create content.

So let’s take a look to see how it performed with the test paragraph:

Simply outstanding. Conversion AI rewrote this sentence in a few seconds. Not only is a true paraphrase of the original, it’s grammatically correct and requires minimal editing. One thing however to note with Conversion AI is that sometimes it will add it statements that sound true but may not be.

So for any content regarding historical facts, you’ll always need to double check Conversion AI. Otherwise, this is a true paraphrase, writing assistant. You can get started with a free trial, but it’s best to just upgrade your account and unlock all the features for a month and then make a decision if you want to keep using Jarvis. – Professional Blogging

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Quillbot – The best free writing assistant for bloggers

Quillbot offers a free version and a paid version of their paraphrasing tool. What it does is that is simply swaps out adjectives and verbs or it takes away or adds words to form new sentences.

Let’s take our paragraph and see how Quillbot performs:

Quillbot did an effective job of paraphrasing and rewriting our original sentence. I reordered the some sentence from passive voice to active voice while swapping out adjectives like “rag tag” for “motley crew.” Overall for a free tool, Quillbot came through.

Paraphrase Online – Average at best

This tool rewrites paragraphs but in a very mediocre way. You simply copy and paste in the paragraph you want to rewrite or paraphrase and then press a button. It will then generate a new paragraph for you to use.

Let’s see how it performed:

While it did switch out adjectives like “self described nerd” to “self depict geek,” it does it in clunky way where you end up with a bunch of grammatically incorrect sentence structures that you’ll need to rewrite and format yourself.

Defeating the whole point of this tool in the first place as it does not save you any meaningful amount of time. However, if you’re looking for inspiration for using new vocabulary words it could be helpful to some degree.

Paraphrasing-Tool – A mediocre option

Similar to Paraphrase Online, is a good enough writing assistant in that it will change aspects of your paragraph and produce a minimally viable content that will require more editing from you the blogger.

Let’s take a look to see how it performed:

Pretty average overall and requires a lot of editing. This tool also created sentences that don’t make much sense like “clothing label gathering of mavericks.” At no point in the original content was anything about a clothing label mentioned.

Though like the previous tool, it could be helpful for finding new words and ways to describe things like using the word “maverick” instead of “rag-tag.” For a free option, this tool preformed less than expected.

Paraphraser IO – A poor performance

This tool was unable to create a helpful, meaningful rewrite of our test paragraph. It did paraphrase in the most traditional sense, that is “to speak in other words” but apart from that, a disappointing performance.

Take a look:

This rewrite not only make no sense, it’s simply a strange use of words. A “self descriptive geek” is almost correct. You could easily change this to “self described” and then you have an average rewrite.

Rewriter Tools – A mediocre, free option

This tool barely rewrites sentences. Instead it simply changes words with synonyms and makes grammatically incorrect sentence structures. If you’re looking for an actual content creation, blogging tool then stay away from this.

Here is how it performed with our test paragraph:

This paraphrase suggestion is more work to fix than it’s worth to use the tool in the first place. Overall, this tool can be used because it’s free, but it’s not something to rely on.

Article Rewriter Tool – A simple choice

This tool is average in how it paraphrases content. In general, it appears to primarily swap out adjectives for any synonyms and does a lite rewrite of certain sentences.

Let’s take a look:

Not the worst results on this list. “Self portray” makes somewhat sense, though it would be better if it was “self portrayed” as an example. The only real issues was that it took the original word “appealing” to mean apparel. Which is why you see the reference to a clothing label.

Project Topics – An average paraphrase tool

A fairly decent free paraphrase tool. With Project Topic’s rewrite tool you can generate a new paragraph based on the text you provide. You’re also able to ignore specific words you don’t want changed. Perfect for any “must have” words. In our example, Steve’s website is called “Nerd Fitness,” not geek or dork fitness.

So how did Project Topics do? Have a look:

In this example it rewrote Nerd Fitness as “Geek Wellness” which is not a bad name for a website. Overall, I was quite happy with the performance of this free tool for coming up with some decent adjectives to rewrite the test paragraph.

EDU Birdie – A suite of writing tools

EDU Birdie refers is first and most a writing and essay assistance service for students. As part of their suite of tools they do provide a paraphrase tool. If you need someone to write a quick draft for you, consider checking out EDU Birdie.

When using EDU Birdie’s paraphrase tool, things were a bit different than compared to other options on this list. First, it highlights certain terms within the text, and then you have the option of choosing a synonym for each one. As a consequence, it takes quite a bit of time to produce content.

Have a look:

Each one of the highlighted words you can click and choose a synonym. Not exactly a paraphrase tool and it’s much more slow to create a rewrite than other options on the list.

Prepost SEO – The worst paraphrase tool

Prepost SEO tool rewrote the paragraph into a confusing, grammatically incorrect mess. If you were to rely on Prepost you would simply have to rewrite the paraphrase paragraph sentence this tool generates.

Take a look:

There are too many errors in this paragraph to even bother using it. Structures like “nerd became entrepreneur” and “create extrade for his rag-tag organization” simply are unusable. With all the paraphrase tools for bloggers available, there is no reason to use Prepost SEO.

The best paraphrasing tools for bloggers

While there are a handful of decent, free options for paraphrasing and rewriting a sentence here an there; for any serious blogger and content marketer there is no better option than Conversion AI.

It’s a game changer in that it allows you to write blog posts faster, with good accuracy and it actually paraphrases sentences instead of just swapping out a word here and there. But if Conversion AI is to powerful for your needs, then Quillbot is the only decent free option available.

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