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Let me share with you some example of what a blog actually is. Technically speaking, a blog is simply a section of a website where content is published and organized by category. Some websites are only blogs however where the main focus is the content.

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Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a great way to get information about destinations all over the world. Although travel content has move more towards YouTube in recent years, travel blogging is a great idea to get started with as a blogger.

The best travel blogs often include travel tips, reviews of hotels and restaurants, as well as adventurous stories. You can earn an income through a travel blog with sponsored content, running display ads or selling helpful guides to your audience.

Nomadic Matt

The name “Nomadic Matt” is a nod to the original meaning of nomad, someone who moves location with no intention or obligation to stay in one place.

In 2008, Matt quit his job, sold everything he owned (except for two backpacks), and set off on what was supposed to be a year long trip through Asia. Twelve years later and he’s grown his personal travel blog into a massive business with a small team to help him manage everything.

Nomadic Matt has been traveling since 2010 and has visited over 100 countries during his travels. He shares his experiences through articles, videos, and social media posts. He is a well-respected and accomplished travel blogger. He has been writing about his travels for years, sharing the best tips as he explores various regions of the world.

One Step 4 Ward

One Step 4Ward is a travel blog written by Johnny Ward. His blog is a dedicated resource for travelers who want to read exciting and interesting stories about an unconventional life as well as anyone looking for more advanced tips on how to travel. Whether you’re looking for information about how to start planning your first international trip, or what it’s like living abroad as an expat, this blog has something for you.

Johnny is an impressive individual who became a self made millionaire, built his dream home in Chiang Mai Thailand, visited every country in the world and completed climbing the seven summits; all by his 40th birthday.

From working at summer camps in the US, to being an English teacher in Thailand. Johnny eventually grew his travel blog to be a $5K a month income source which he then used to build a portfolio of websites that he used as a way to sell backlinks to business websites, making over $50K a month some months. He then expanded his income further into rental properties in the UK.

All of this because he started a humble travel blog as a 20 year old wanting more out of life than the traditional life path

Practical Wanderlust

Launched in June 2016, Practical Wanderlust has grown into a $8K a month income source. This blog is all about the best travel destinations and tips for an unforgettable experience. It’s designed to be helpful, informative, and entertaining. From booking your trip to packing your bag, these travel-savvy posts will help you make the most of every journey no matter where it takes you.

Practical Wanderlust makes their income primarily from a mix of advertising, affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates and sponsored trips. Overall an excellent example of how travel blogging can still be viable today even with the dominance of YouTube in the travel niche.

Personal Finance Blogs

If you’re looking for some financial advice, personal finance blogs are a great place to start. Personal finance bloggers offer all sorts of advice and tips on topics from saving money to paying off debt.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available on the internet that can help you with your finances from finding out how much income tax you owe or what your net worth is all the way up through retirement planning and budgeting.

Personal finance blogs can make a lot of money, but this is one of the most competitive topics around and you’ll need to demonstrate to both your readers and Google why you should be trusted.

Making Sense of Cents

Launched as personal finance blog with the goal of documenting Michelle’s journey and process of paying off debt and earning money from various online activities like paid surveys and freelance, it’s now grown into a million dollar a year income source alone

Making Sense of Cents earns an income from selling courses, affiliate marketing and sponsored content. With a loyal following and a large email list, Michelle is a great example as to the lucrative potential of blogging in the personal finance niche.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly was launched by JD Roth back in the mid 2000’s during blogging’s height of popularity. It quickly grew in popularity due to it’s practical, down to earth advice for making money and investing.

We all want to get rich quickly and there are many ways to do it. But the truth is that most of these methods are not sustainable or realistic. The best way to become wealthy is by building wealth slowly over time.

One man who has done this successfully is JD Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly blog and author of “Your Money: The Missing Manual.” A classic personal finance blog, JD is still to this day provides practical advice for getting out of debt and building wealth.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance expert, entrepreneur and founder of the massively popular blog, IwillTeachYoutoBeRich.com. He has been featured on more than 500 television shows including The Today Show, CNBC’s Closing Bell, CNN, BBC and Fox News. His blog articles can also be found in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider and Time magazine.

His blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich has been around since 2007 and started as a personal blog but has since grown into a multi-million dollar education business employing 20+ people. He is also the author of a book by the same name that quickly became a New York times best seller.

IWT as it’s known as transformed from a one man blog into a diverse team around the world. The site primarily makes it’s money from funneling their organic traffic to their popular email list which then promotes related products and services.

Technology Blogs

Technology blogs are resources that dive into the latest trends in the industry. These blogs often provide readers with more than just information on what is new, they also provide commentary and opinions on how these changes will impact people’s lives and what new developments you should be aware of.


Founded by Pete Cashmore at just 19 years old, he grew his humble one man tech blog called Mashable into a massive technology media company. Honestly, he is one of the most under-rated pro bloggers that does not get enough attention for what he did.

He started Mashable as a way to cover social media and tech start-ups as a teenager in his parents home in Scotland. His original goal was to connect with other individuals in the space with the hopes to found his own startup. Within a year, Mashable had grown to thousands of visitors per day and Pete eventually began brining on writers. HIs blog ironically became the startup he was hoping to build.

Over a few years, this once simple WordPress blog had grown into a massive media company that gets 30 million visitors a month. Pete eventually sold Mashable for tens of millions of dollars. Simply amazing and a story we wish more people knew about.

Digital Inspiration

Since 2004, Digital Inspiration (the name of the blog found at labnol.org) has been quietly producing helpful tutorials to a large online audience. Founded by Amit Agarwal, a computer science engineer, he became India’s first pro blogger.

Digital Inspiration servers a large audience, as such the website is able to make a sustainable online income through running paid ads, affiliate marketing of related tech products and providing helpful content and offers to his large email list.

Copy Blogger

Similar to Mashable, Copy Blogger was a one man blog for it’s first year of publishing. Founded by lawyer Brian Clark in 2006, he shared helpful copywriting and marketing advice for selling online. Copy Blogger quickly grew to thousands of visitors a month and multiple writers.

From Copy Blogger, Brian was able to leverage his influence and income to expand into related topics with dedicated business around WordPress themes, web hosting, an SEO agency and professional level copywriting courses.

Parenting Blogs

Mommy blogs are a popular topic and quite profitable if you can brand yourself correctly. From sharing life advice, parenting tips and product recommendations. Mommy blogs can make a good income through display ads and affiliate marketing.


Dooce was founded by Heather Armstrong over 20 years ago back in the early days of blogging. She was a mommy blogger before mommy blogging was even a thing. Heather is an immensely talented writer and was able to quickly build a massive following by standing out easily in a sea of amateurs.

Dooce was able to support Heather in all the classic ways of blogging through an email list, ads, affiliate marketing and selling her own books. All in all, Dooce to this day remains a blog still worth reading.

Rookie Moms

While a lot of bloggers focus too broadly on creating niche websites on cameras, technology or web hosting, Rookie Moms is a powerful example of building a helpful niche website the right way. A blog that focuses on two things, pregnancy and parenthood.

Rookie Moms is a classic style blog that focuses in on creating helpful content to assist new mothers. Specifically, they target search terms mothers are looking for. With content like “10 essential nursery items” or “9 beautiful oval baby cribs,”

Rookie Moms is an influencer website backed by Reward Style. An advertising agency that pays a higher rate than compared to Amazon Associates with the right topic.

Juggling the Jenkins

With over a million followers on Instagram, a million followers on Facebook and multiple national television appearances, it’s pretty staggering to view the massive mommy blog that Tiffany Jenkins built from scratch starting in 2017 called Juggling the Jenkins.

As a struggling opioid addict and mother of 3 with a regular job at a building company, Tiffany got help and turned things around. She launched her blog, created viral Facebook videos and wrote a book. In a few short years she was able to build her massive online presence you see today.

Personal Development

With people looking for ways to grow and improve their lives, there is an abundance of personal development blogs out there. Personal development blog posts cover topics from health and wellness to career advice so it’s easy for anyone who needs help with any aspect of life to find something they’ll like on these sites.

While each one has its own unique personality, the best blogs have certain qualities that make them stand apart from the rest.

Steve Pavlina

A classic personal development blogger, Steve Pavlina launched his website and blog back in 2008 in his late 30s. Steve’s writing at the time was compelling and unique with a creative take of simple topics that went against conventional wisdom at the time.

Steve later wrote a book called Personal Development for Smart People and continued to grow his websites traffic. Originally, Steve heavily leveraged affiliate marketing and display ads as a way to make money from his website but has since focused more on his own programs and email list.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk runs a career advice blog that is honest, witty and helpful. Her writing mixes in her personal experiences and she is helpful in giving readers a real view of what it takes to be successful in any vertical.

Specifically, we like her focus on that you can’t have someone’s business without having their life. Too many want to by a pro blogger, YouTuber or digital nomad because they like the idea of it but don’t actually take into consideration the type of lifestyle that goes with it.

Bold and Determined

A now defunct personal development blog for men, Bold and Determined was one of the most popular personal development blogs in the world. Aimed at helping young men with money, women, fitness and everything that makes a man great, it had a unique and sometimes humorous take.

The founder of the blog, Nick Kelly (who wrote under the pen name Victor Pride) was a one man publishing machine and grew a million dollar business of one. A masculine blog ahead of its time, Nick eventually closed down Bold and Determined when he became a born again Christian.

This high traffic website made it’s money from selling Nick’s low priced books and affiliate marketing of related products.

Food bloggers

A food blogger is someone who creates content related to cooking and eating. This topic gained massive popularity in the mid 2000’s as a lot of travel bloggers stumbled upon this topic and figured out that there is a huge audience for this content.

As such, the food blogging (and food review YouTuber) industry is now well developed with a lot of different content styles.


Founded in the mid 2000’s by Mark Weins, he actually got his start by attempting to make his blog, Migrationology into yet another travel blog. Over time through posting food related content, he noticed his audience responded much more to that and has since pivoted away from generic travel advice to focus primarily on food.

In addition, Mark also launched a YouTube channel under his name to post videos and integrate those videos into his content. His YouTube channel has now grown to millions of subscribers and has surpassed his blog in terms of traffic and income.

However, he still maintains and updates his blog and email list as a way to sell his digital products and to connect with is audience.

Created by Jodi Ettenberg back in the mid 2000’s during blogging’s height of popularity, Jodi creates content on food and travel. She used to be a lawyer but like many disliked her job and made a radical change by quitting and traveling. Hence the name of her website, Legal Nomads.

Originally a travel blog, she like Mark Weins pivoted to food after noticing that this style of content got a lot more attention. She was able to turn her blog into her primary income source after only a year through advertising, affiliate marketing and her own digital products.

Roasty Coffee

Launched by Matt Giovanisci, Roasty Coffee was originally a side project to prove to Matt that his building of Swim University to a $200k a year income was no fluke. He followed the same process for content creation he did before, going after high traffic phrases and creating best in class content.

The end result was building Roasty into a niche website that was making thousands of dollars a month from Amazon Associates. He later sold that website for $55K.

Roasty Coffee is a great example of how to approach a food oriented niche with regards to content and that you don’t have to create yet another tech or personal finance blog to have success.

Example of blogs conclusion

So that’s it for our overview of successful example blogs. It may seem like a small, simple thing to start but a blog can be life changing.

If you’re ready to start a blog why not watch our free tutorial on how to create a blog and website. We also have professional level courses on how to create a blog from scratch that can make $1K a month in 18 months.

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