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I’m not a fan of any tool whose selling point is to produce mediocre content to publish on your website quickly. Quality content that’s unique and demonstrates expertise and experience is where it’s at for long-term success.

In this Scalenut review, I will break down this tool into its pros and cons, who’s it for, and my overall recommendation. In short, I like Scalenut for mass-producing blog posts for informational keywords. Still, competitive content that requires a demonstration of e-e-a-t is only helpful for producing a rough draft that needs human editing.

So if I needed a lot of reasonably repetitive content like “best books for 2nd grade, best books for 3rd grade…” and so forth, Scalenut is outstanding. But for review-style content, like what I’m creating now, this AI tool helps give me an outline and a rough draft. Check out my full video review here.

Understanding Scalenut: A High-Level Overview

Scalenut streamlines the bulk blog post-writing process, saving time and increasing productivity. With a processed-oriented, step-by-step approach to creating content, users can ensure quality control over the output and editing, ensuring high-quality content.

Scalenut stands out with its user-friendly interface with a clear focus on only three primary AI writing tools:

This AI writing tool caters to short-form and long-form content needs, making it incredibly useful for bloggers, copywriters, and content creators. Scalenut’s pricing plans provide flexibility, and its customer support is acceptable and on par with what you would expect.



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Scalenut Article Writer

scalenut tools

Scalenut’s AI-powered article writing platform offers three powerful tools to streamline your content creation process. With the Article Writer, you can effortlessly create optimized articles in just 5-10 minutes using the ai writer, saving you time and effort.

Enter your keyword

scalenut keyword article

You start by simply entering the keyword you want to create an article for, then Scalenut will get to work by forming an outline. When you enter your keyword, you can select the AI to gather information on the top 10, 20, or 30 currently ranking articles.

I am having it gather information on the “top 30” to be best for competitive terms and the “top 10” for less popular keywords.

Article configuration – Context and tone of voice

scalenut article configuration

Next Scalenut will configure your article in an easy to follow, step by step process:

For the context section you can give a short description of your topic to help the AI come up with a great article. You can also set the tone of voice manually, based on writing style of a specific article or have Scalenut pick a tone of voice it thinks is best.

Pithy, optimized titles for your H1 tags

scalenut generated titles

Next you’ll move over to the title screen where Scalenut will generate a variety of AI titles as well as show you the currently top ranked titles to help give you inspiration for your own title.

Outline of your article

scalenut build outline

Next, Scalenut will create an outline of the article you’re developing. Here can add in additional H2 heading and H3 headings. Drag and drop sections or delete sections all together. You can also use the AI to develop an FAQ and to come up with additional headings to consider adding into your blog post.

When you’re read to move on, Scalenut will develop each outline into a more detailed “writing point.”

Writing points

scalenut writing points

The writing points are simply a more detailed breakdown into the ideas that will go into each H2 and H3 tag that was in your outline. You also get to view “SERP statistics” that give you high level information on the topic so you can check your outline for accuracy.

Once you’re satisfited with the layout and the writing points, it’s time to have Scalenut generate all this content into a long form article.

First draft

scalenut first draft

Finally, you’ll have a rough draft, long form article. From here you can move H2 and H3 heading sections around at the click of a button. You can also have the AI regenerate any paragraph at the click of a button.

Once done, you can export the article to the editor which is called the “content optimizer tool” in Scalenut.

Content Optimizer tool

The Content Optimizer tool allows you to optimize any blog post for better performance with in the search engine result pages (SERP), helping your content rank higher on Google.

scalenut content optimizer

Scalenut will help you optimize existing content on your site or, like I just walked you through, an article generated with their AI writing tool. Regardless, now it’s time to optimize your article for on-page SEO.

You do this by following the suggestions under the optimize tab, which help increase the optimization score. Your aim is to get the optimization score to at least what Scalenut suggests.

With the optimization editor, you get the following:


The optimize tab is where you’ll see your overall score. Here you can click the “fix it” button, which will open up the key term assistant and automatically place the appropriate keywords into the article.

You’ll also have to do many manual edits here but follow the suggestions, and your optimization score will increase.


The brief is where you’ll be able to view the outline of your article again, as well as get a recommendation for how many images you should have, how long the article should be, and how many headings need to be in your article.


The research tab is packed with data on keywords that should be used, their level of importance, and how many times they are currently being used in your article

Also under the research tab is a layout of the top competing articles, questions to consider adding in, and a competition overview that compares all the competing articles against one another.

AI templates

The AI templates are prompts to help you generate paragraphs quickly and easily. Scalenut comes with a wide array of AI templates, everything from “intro paragraph generator” to “sentence rewriter” to creating a YouTube video script.

The templates are useful when you’re wanting to add in content that is missing from making your overall article complete and accurate.

Keyword Planner

scalenut keyword cluster

Finally is the keyword planner. This planner allows you to input a keyword, then it gives you a variety of topical clusters to delve into. This is useful for broad keyword research and finding specific, under-served keywords to create content on.

Topical cluster?

This is an SEO industry term used to describe main keywords and their related keywords. This SEO approach allows you to pick a main keyword you’ll build an article around and supporting articles to help establish trust and authority around a topic.

It’s easier to rank for keywords and phrases if you can demonstrate topical authority; you do this by building out the content as a topical cluster.

Generate an article

You can also take this keyword research data and each keyword and have Scalenut build an article based on the primary and related keywords.

The article will be exported to the content optimization tool, where you can begin editing yourself.

Scalenut Chrome extension

I want to mention that Scalenut has a free Chrome extension you can install. What it does is it uses AI prompts to write and rephrase paragraphs as well as simplify any sentence structure to your liking.

This extension is most useful for creating social media content and rewriting a sentence here and there. If long-form content is what you’re after, you’re better off signing up to Scalenut.


scalenut pricing

Scalenut offers three tiers: Essential, Growth, and Pro.

Essential is not particularly helpful because you’re limited to only five articles a month. You also need access to keyword clusters or the page optimizer.

For the price, Growth is the best option because you can churn out 30 article rough drafts, turn keyword research clusters into blog posts, and optimize existing blog posts on your site and any rough drafts that Scalenut makes.

Finally is the pro plan. It’s the same as Growth; it allows you to create more articles and is aimed at an agency.


That’s it for my review of Scalenut. Overall, it’s an interesting AI writing tool. You can generate long content fast with this tool, and it’s a unique mix of some features from Jasper AI that I love (content creation) and Surfer SEO (on-page SEO optimization).

However, I prefer Surfer SEO for on-page SEO optimization if that’s what you’re after. I also like Jasper AI as a writing assistant. But if you need a way to quickly create a lot of basic, long-form, surface-level content, check out Scalenut. Here is my full video review.


Create mass produced blog posts that are optimized for on-page SEO using AI.

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