My Jasper AI Review – 1 Year Later (Pros & Cons)

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I’ve been a customer of Jasper AI for over a year, and I will break down the pros and cons of this software. I signed up with them when they were known previously as Jarvis AI (but had to change their name for copyright reasons), so I’m very familiar with the platform and have used them to create blog posts, landing pages, and sales copy.

I’ve seen them go through different price points, workflows and overall simplify their platform to make it user-friendly. They offer a seven-day free software trial, so do you check them out?

Yes, Jasper AI is a powerful AI writing tool that allows you to create content more easily. You can do much of what Jasper does for free with Chat GPT, but with their prompts, workflows, and platform geared for bloggers and marketers, it’s worth giving Jasper AI a try, given that they provide you with that free trial.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant tool. You can create blog posts, product descriptions, email marketing campaigns, sales copy, and more by asking the AI to write and rewrite paragraphs. You can also set a “brand voice,” which will have the AI emulate your writing style.

In addition, you also get access to AI images for your content, various workflows for different use cases (press releases, marketing angles, social media campaigns, blog posts), and a chat function similar to Chat GPT.


Jasper AI

This is an AI writing tool that helps you to create quality content more quickly. Get started with a free trial.

Dashboard overview

Once you sign up, you’ll be presented with your dashboard. The way Jasper works is that you can create content and can organize everything into campaigns. From the dashboard you’ll also see links to setting a brand voice and Jasper AI Chat.

To get started creating content with Jasper AI is quite, easy, all you have to do is click the big purple “create content” button and you’ll be presented with a lightbox that has four options:

From here, you can select either a “blank document,” a “new from template,” “new blog post,” or “new art.” My typical workflow. I’ll break down each one of these options for you so you understand their features, limitations, and if they’re any good.

Blank document – Start an article from scratch

The blank document feature is where you can begin writing your content manually or have the AI write your content in three ways.

The first way is to use the “continue writing” feature that will have the AI expand on the paragraph. At the end of each section, there will be a little arrow. All you do is click on that arrow, and Jasper AI will expand the paragraph based on the text.

You can keep clicking this arrow to have the AI write more and more as needed. In addition to this, on the left-hand sidebar, you can “add context” like what the article is about, tone of voice, and keywords. This helps Jasper write content more in line with your expectations.

You can also hit the button in the menu to cycle from focus mode, chat mode, and power mode. Focus mode allows you to add context; chat mode changes the “add context” sidebar into a chat box. Finally, power mode will enable you to create content using prompts.

The second way to create content is to “tell Jasper what to write:

Just click the + sign in the blank document and this text bar will appear. Here you can Jasper to write whatever you want. An outline, a single sentence, full paragraph, answer a questions and so forth.

The final way to create content using the blank document is to highlight any paragraph and to then click on the “ask Jasper” button:

From here you can transform the text in numerous ways like changing the tone, length, repurposing the content or translating it into a different language.

Finally, you can enable Grammarly and a plagiarism checker in the blank document editor.



New Blog Post – Create a 500-700 word rough draft blog post

Next up we have the “new blog post” option when creating content that navigates you to the “one shot blog post” page which allows you to “generate a full blog post with intro, body, and conclusion.”

one shot blog post

With this tool, you can set the blog post topic, tone of voice, and intended audience, and you have a few language output and input options if you’re looking to create content that is not in English. You can open this blog post in the document editor or copy and paste this article directly into WordPress.

This tool helps create a rough draft blog post, but it’s not good enough to rely on alone. I usually take these one-shot blog posts and then expand them in the document editor.



New from template – Workflows and prompts

This is my favorite feature of Jasper AI. You get access to prompt formulas to help generate content for a specific purpose like an Amazon product description, AIDA framework, before-and-after bridge and image prompt ideas.

In addition to that, you also get community added prompts as well to help you craft niche specific content:

The community prompts come from other Jasper AI users and this feature alone make Jasper worth the 7 day trial as a lot of these templates can be used for any generative language AI tool.


Workflows are content specific creation processes. From email campaigns, blog posts, landing pages or ad copy, Jasper AI makes it easy to create content specific outputs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is workflows-jasper-ai-1024x566.webp

Each workflow presents you with an input box to establish essential context to help Jasper form the needed copy. For example, the email campaign prompt asks you to input your company description, target audience, pain points, and email subject lines.

You can also have Jasper generate results for all these input boxes automatically without you giving any information. It’s really up to you how you want to create content with a workflow, but I do suggest filling out each box for the best results.

At the end, Jasper will run the workflow and create content that you can then edit in the document editor.



Jasper AI Art – Create images for your content

With your Jasper account you can create AI generated images based on text inputs. Jasper AI can create unique pieces of art, analyze existing artworks, and even predict future trends in the art world.

You simply input text describing an image you want created. Optional, but you can also set the mood, medium, style, keywords and language of the image as well.

The images can be downloaded individually in a high resolution format or you can download a high quality screenshot of the four images.

Art templates

Jasper also has quite a few art templates built in to help generate an image based on your needs. From creating a realistic person, animal, story book illustration or product closeup. These templates are customized to the most popular use cases for AI images.



Brand voice

In Jasper AI, the “brand voice” feature refers to the specific style, tone, and manner of communication that represents your brand across different platforms. It’s your brand’s distinctive personality and character expressed through words and phrases.

This feature allows you to customize the way Jasper AI produces content, helping you maintain a consistent brand image across all content you create with Jasper. From professional, casual, authoritative, friendly, or any other style, Jasper AI can adapt to it and generate content that aligns with your brand voice.

To set a brand voice, you need to navigate to “voice and tone” under brand voice:

Here you can upload text or enter in a URL for Jasper to analyze. Based on the writing, Jasper AI will determine the characteristics of your writing and then whenever you create content, you can choose to have the content written in your “brand voice” style.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base in Jasper AI can be understood as the vast array of information, data, and context that the AI has access to for generating content. This includes a wide range of topics, industries, and languages, along with the ability to understand semantic context, syntax, grammar, and more.

You can add facts about your specific brand to create your own knowledge base to help to Jasper Ai write content about your topic more factually. To add to your knowledge base you can upload text documents, have Jasper AI scan a web page or upload a .PDF file.



Chat – Similar to the document editor

Last it the chat function of Jasper AI. It’s similar to Chat GPT and you can do the same exact thing in the blank document editor

I personally don’t see the value in having a stand alone chat function when you can ask and get answers in any blank document. The chat feature though is helpful in the blank document section as a sidebar to ask questions and copy and paste in content as needed.



Jasper AI Review – Conclusion

Overall I like Jasper AI as a tool for crafting content. With all the prompts, workflows and the ability to write and rewrite paragraphs, Jasper AI makes creating content easy. But to be honest, there is a lot of overlap with the features Chat GPT provides. However I do find the workflow faster with Jasper.

I suggest you try out Jasper AI for a month or so because you do get a free 7-day trial. See if you like the platform and if you find the content creation process better as it is much more structured for online business owners than Chat GPT.

Jasper AI

This is an AI writing tool that helps you to create quality content more quickly. Get started with a free trial.

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